Colour trend 2022: Burgundy wardrobe doors by Noremax

Custom IKEA wardrobe doors in 2022 trend colour burgundy by Noremax for a bedroom makeover. Colourful Scandinavian style.
Photo credit: @lianchanartist. Whiteleaf printed column lamp also designed by @lianchanartist

After living in our current house for almost 3 years we finally have a wardrobe in our master bedroom! Up until now our clothes were on hanging rails collecting dust and in various boxes on the floor. Why did it take us so long? Well, first of all we couldn’t fit a wardrobe before we had the old carpet replaced with a wooden floor. It also took me forever to find the right design. I was prepared to invest in a really nice, high-quality unit but everything I saw was just so uninspiring and bland. I wanted a modern design and an exciting colour but this seemed an impossible brief to fulfill.

Custom IKEA wardrobe doors in 2022 trend colour burgundy by Noremax for a bedroom makeover. Colourful Scandinavian style.
Photo credit: @lianchanartist

I’m a big fan of IKEA. Their furniture is super functional and it looks sleek and modern. I have their PAX wardrobe in my study and I really like it. This time though, I wasn’t going to get IKEA because their doors come in a limited choice of mostly neutral colours and I was after a striking and clean-lined designer look.

I had however heard of companies that offer custom-made, replacement doors and sides for IKEA frames. So I did a bit of research and found a few. Some of them create custom IKEA wardrobe doors with amazing patterns and contemporary colours. As appealing as I found them I just wasn’t quite happy with the colour choices. I wasn’t even sure which colour the wardrobe should be and what would go with our huge, peacock blue velvet bed, copper lamp and a dusky pink wall.

Modern wardrobe doors in deep burgundy – colour trend 2022

I then found Noremax. It’s a well-respected Scandinavian company from Norway offering replacement doors for IKEA furniture. What makes Noremax different is that they can make your custom IKEA wardrobe doors in any colour of your choice. And that’s exactly what I needed! I took out the Farrow & Ball paint chart and spent long periods of time staring at it in the master bedroom. Eventually the light bulb moment came and I had a winner! I went for Brinjal which Farrow & Ball describes as the shade of ‘a sophisticated aubergine’. It’s a deep burgundy colour that clashes beautifully with the teal bed and is in perfect harmony with the dusky pink. Burgundy is said to be a big colour trend in 2022 too.

This is how we did our bedroom makeover with Noremax custom IKEA wardrobe doors in burgundy

The first thing was to arrange our builders to remove the smelly old carpet that we had inherited from the previous owners. I was so happy to get rid of the clothes rails and boxes too to make way for the new wooden floors.

Once the builders had laid the new floor boards it was time to order and build a wardrobe frame from IKEA. The PAX frames are such good value and come with a fantastic range of different shelves, trays, hanging rails and other bits and bobs to organise your clothes efficiently. I purchased a 250 cm wide frame, all the wardrobe interiors as well as door hinges. I love building IKEA flat pack furniture. It’s like LEGOS for adults so I didn’t mind spending half-a-day putting it all together.

It was time to place an order with Noremax because we had a wardrobe now but no doors. I ordered bespoke doors from their Elegance range which is a sleek and elegant style with no door handles. I chose a length that is 4 cm longer than the standard IKEA doors to cover the white plinth. It’s also possible to order a bespoke plinth from Noremax but I didn’t think it was necessary because the gap between the door and floor is only 2 cm. I also ordered side panels in the same colour to cover the white frame completely. Then we just had to wait for a few weeks for our doors to be custom-made for us!

I was a bit nervous nine weeks later to open the crate in which the doors arrived. I had never actually seen the colour – Brinjal by Farrow & Ball – in real life. I’d only seen images on Pinterest and Instagram so there was a chance that I wasn’t going to like it. But the deep burgundy shade was absolutely perfect and so were the doors! They are really high quality and finished to a perfection. The doors are beautifully designed with a matt finish that gives them a modern look. I thought it was probably going to be a hassle attaching the doors to the IKEA frame. But it really wasn’t. It was a straight forward job using the standard IKEA wardrobe hinges and the sides were easy to fit too.

Custom IKEA wardrobe doors in 2022 trend colour burgundy by Noremax for a bedroom makeover. Anne Tiainen-Harris
Photo credit: @lianchanartist

I’m incredibly happy with my new wardrobe. It has the modern, designer-look with clean-lines which is exactly what I wanted. A big colour trend in 2022, deep burgundy is a delightful shade: it’s warm and inviting and it works well with all the other colours in the room. I will definitely use Noremax again now that I’ve seen the quality of their products and how easy it is to fit them.

What’s the very best thing about Noremax that made me choose them in the first place? It is of course the fact that you can choose your IKEA furniture doors in the colour of your choice to match any decor.


Respected by architects and interior specialists across Scandinavia, Noremax manufactures high-quality bespoke doors and fronts for IKEA wardrobes, cabinets and kitchens. The units are manufactured in Norway and shipped directly to the customer in the colour of their choice.

Bedroom makeover with a jungle wall chart and white chest of drawers
The other side of the room features the Jungle Wall Chart by HK Living. Photo credit: @lianchanartist
Colourful Scandinavian bedroom makeover

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